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Proficiency and CLEP

Students may earn credit through an IECC proficiency examination. Proficiency applications must be approved by the instructor and the dean where you are enrolled.  In order to take a proficiency examination, the student must pay a fee and submit the appropriate application form to the Student Services Office. Only grades of A - C will be considered passing and entered on the transcript.  A grade of D - F will not be computed in the grade average and will not appear on the transcript. The maximum amount of proficiency credit which may be earned is thirty-two (32) semester hours.

IECC will accept credit earned through CLEP (College Level Examination Program). However, students will receive a grade of P (Passing) and credits will only count for elective credit toward their program at IECC. According to IECC policy, a student may take a maximum of twelve (12) pass/fail hours.

Proficiency examinations may not be taken for courses in which the student has previously enrolled. The exams may be retaken after six (6) months should the student fail the initial attempt.

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