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Course Numbering

A seven-character identification system is used for course numbering. The first three characters (alphabetical letters) are course designations. The last four are numerical digits which indicate the following:

1. First Digit

0 - Less than a freshman-level course
1 - First-year course
2 - Second-year course

2. Second Digit

Designates state classification code
1 - Baccalaureate
2 - Technical
4 - Remedial
6 - Vocational Skills
7 - Adult Basic Education}
8 - Adult Secondary Education
9 - ESL

3. Third Digit and Fourth Digit
Designates course sequence within that discipline





The box immediately below the course title indicates where the course is offered. For example, if the box contains only the letter "F," it is offered only at Frontier Community College. F = Frontier, L = Lincoln Trail, O = Olney Central, and W = Wabash Valley.

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*Unless otherwise indicated, laboratory hours indicate closed laboratories.

Closed Laboratory is defined to mean that the instructor will be in the laboratory to direct the students toward goal-oriented objectives.

Open Laboratory is defined to mean that equipment and supplies are to be available for the student's use to meet objectives as assigned by the instructor in lecture. The teacher will not necessarily be in the classroom or available during open laboratories. 

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