Home Electrical Wiring Class Begins January 11

Photo of a Light Switch Being Installed
Dec 03, 2020

Olney Central College is offering a spring semester course that can help you complete wiring projects around the house including changing outlets, replacing switches and installing new lights.

TRA 1221 Electrical Wiring addresses various electrical circuits found in the home as well as low-voltage circuits, cable connections, networking and doorbells. Students will learn to identify electrical outlet symbols used in the plans of a single-family dwelling as well as how to identify the grounded and ungrounded conductors in cable or conduit.  

In addition, students will learn how to select a switch with the proper rating for the specific installation condition and how to choose the proper wall box for a particular installation.

Other topics covered include how to connect recessed fixtures according to code requirements and how to install three-wire circuits, making the proper connections to prevent overloads.

The class will meet from 6 to 9:30 p.m. on Mondays, beginning Jan. 11.

Tuition for this course is reduced for residents of the Illinois Eastern Community Colleges District who are taking four semester hours or less in the IECC District.

To register or for more information about the class, contact OCC Student Services at 618-395-7777.