Sutton Dunn Completes Term as IECC Student Trustee

Sutton Dunn and Andrew Fischer
Apr 14, 2021

Olney Central College student Sutton Dunn, of Olney, recently completed his one-year term as the student representative to the Illinois Eastern Community Colleges Board of Trustees.

“I really enjoyed the experience,” Dunn said. “I felt like the board members welcomed me with opened arms. Everyone on the board has been really nice. They asked a lot of questions about me, and my major. I know the relationships I have made will continue far beyond my term.”

Dunn had the unique experience of serving during the COVID-19 pandemic and to see its impact on the IECC District, which included holding some monthly board meetings via Zoom.

“With COVID, it was definitely different,” Dunn said. “It meant I missed out on one of the best parts of serving as the student trustee, which is riding to the meetings with the college president. I did enjoy talking with President Rodney Ranes and getting to know him.”

Dunn said serving on the board gave him insights into the business operations of the district.

“I knew we would talk about classrooms and programs, but I wasn’t aware what goes into the college from a business aspect,” he said. “It was interesting to see financially how the district works. I also wasn’t aware of the impact the colleges have on the communities and how closely they work together.”

Dunn, who will graduate in May, plans to transfer to the University of Illinois where he will study Kinesiology as he prepares for a graduate program in physical therapy.

Dunn enjoyed his time at OCC and encourages others to begin their education at the college.

“I think what I like most about OCC is the one-on-one instruction you get,” he said. “The classes are small and you feel comfortable asking your instructor questions.”

He added, “Being a student trustee was great. It was cool to learn about the colleges and it is an experience not many have had. Overall I really enjoyed it.”