Disability/IEP Services

Disability Services

Lincoln Trail College is a caring and supportive community with high academic and personal expectations for each student.  The Academic Success Center works to provide resources, support, and accommodations for all students with disabilities and works to remove any possible barriers to your educational success.  We look forward to collaborating with you as you work to achieve your academic goals and are excited to have you on campus!

If your disability requires reasonable accommodations that may involve additional staff or funding, contractual arrangements through an outside vendor, or structural modifications or purchase (such as adaptive or assistive technology) it may require longer than 60 days to be arranged.  In order to receive the most appropriate services and accommodations in your classes, please follow the guidelines below at your earliest convenience.

How to Apply for Disability Services:

  • Complete the Student Questionnaire & Request for Accommodations packet AND approved disability documentation and return to the Academic Success Center by email, fax, or mail.
  • When the Academic Success Center has received the completed packet and your accommodations request has been approved, you will be notified to pick up an “Accommodations Letter” from the Academic Success Center.  It is recommended that you provide this letter at a convenient time for each of your instructors (during office hours, before or after class) during the first week of class to discuss your accommodations request.  It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the instructor regarding his/her accommodations. 
  • Each semester, (Fall, Spring, Summer) you must inform the Academic Success Center that you would like to utilize your approved accommodations and pick-up and “Accommodations Letter” to give to your current instructor. 

Send Student Questionnaire & Request for Accommodations packet and approved disability documentation via:   

Mail: Lincoln Trail College, Academic Success Center, 11220 State Hwy 1, Robinson, IL 62454

Fax: Attention Rena Gower: 618-544-4705