LTC Renovating Natatorium

Aug 04, 2021

Lincoln Trail College is getting set to make some upgrades to the Rowland-Nicholas Natatorium. The first phase of the project will improve access to changing rooms and begin adding recreational features to the pool.

Patrons of the pool will see some improvements in how they can use the facility. Plans call for two individual showers and a changing area. Previously, people that wanted to change had to either use an athletic locker room or a restroom at the College. 

“That was something that wasn’t always convenient for people using the pool,” says Director of Marketing Chris Forde. “If college athletic teams needed to use the locker rooms, they were not available for people that wanted to use them when they were using the pool. Now we will have dedicated showers for them when they come to the pool and a dedicated changing room.”

The Rowland-Nicholas Natatorium will also see the addition of an air-conditioned party room. “Pool parties are very important for us,” says Forde. “Right now, we don’t have a dedicated space where you can have a nice birthday celebration, for example. This will give us an air-conditioned room where you can celebrate before or after people enjoy the pool.”

In addition to the changing room, the showers, and the air-conditioned party room, work will be done to the office space in the natatorium as well as some general improvements for the pool.

The pool will close October 1 and work is expected to be completed in mid-to-late January. 

This is the first phase of a two-phase project. The second phase, which will coincide with the soon-to-be constructed Crawford County Recreation Center, will add more recreational aspects to the natatorium like a water slide.