LTC Releases Fall 2020 Academic Honors

Cyndi Boyce helping student
Jan 13, 2021

Lincoln Trail College has released its academic honor lists for the Fall 2020 Semester. Three lists have been established by Illinois Eastern Community Colleges to indicate students who have achieved academic excellence. They are the Chancellor’s Academic Honors List, the President’s Academic Honors List, and the Dean’s Academic Honors List.

To qualify for any of the honor lists, a student must be enrolled full-time (12 hours or more) and must be taking college-level classes.

To be named to the Chancellor’s Academic Honors List, students must achieve a grade point average of 3.90 or greater on a 4.0 scale; between 3.75 and 3.89 for the President’s Academic Honors List; and between 3.50 and 3.74 for the Dean’s Academic Honor’s List.

The following students have earned Fall 2020 academic honors:




Brian Adams                         Robinson, IL

Sydni Bailey                          Robinson, IL

Kody Ballew                          Robinson, IL

Alex Barnfield                       Geff, IL

Blake Barrett                         Robinson, IL

Tyler Beard                           Robinson, IL

Jonathan Beverly                 Robinson, IL

Langston Blank                    Olney, IL

Kinley Block                          Robinson, IL

Nicholas Brown                    Oblong, IL

Katie Cheek                          Oblong, IL

Mary Collins                          Robinson, IL

Anthony Conner                   Robinson, IL

Cole Cooper                         Robinson, IL

Hailey Dean                          Robinson, IL

Caleb Fisher                         Flat Rock, IL

Tia Floyd                                Robinson, IL

Zacheriah Frasher               Robinson, IL

Taylor Galloway                   Wheeler, IL

Lori Goble                             Robinson, IL

Josh Green                           Robinson, IL

Holly Haddix                          Hutsonville, IL

Madison Harmon                 Xenia, IL

Katelyn Hawkins                  Lawrenceville, IL

Annie Hays                            Robinson, IL

Dyana Hensley                     Robinson, IL

Travis Hollingsworth            Martinsville, IL

Seth Kestranek                     Robinson, IL

Matthew Kollenbroich          Flat Rock, IL

Sebastian Kuhns                  Robinson, IL

Myles Land                           Robinson, IL

Ashlyn Matthews                  Annapolis, IL

Marah Matthews                  Annapolis, IL

Paige Matthews                   Annapolis, IL

Samantha Matthews           Robinson, IL

Abbey McCord                     Palestine, IL

Blake McKay                         Robinson, IL

Nathan Meese                      Robinson, IL

Jeremy Michl                        Hidalgo, IL

Cade Nelis                            Robinson, IL

Connor O’Dell                       Flat Rock, IL

Kyler Pankey                        Marshall, IL

Ean Pottorff                           Olney, IL

Austin Price                           Lawrenceville, IL

Maci Pruitt                             Hutsonville, IL

Carrie Sablone                     Oblong, IL

Carlei Sapp                           Robinson, IL

Jayla Scott                            Wayne City, IL

Robert Seaton                      Robinson, IL

Travis Selby                          Palestine, IL

Resa Shaner                         Robinson, IL

Jared Shaw                           Robinson, IL

Jennifer Sheridan                 Oblong, IL

Abiodun Soneye                   Robinson, IL

Pamela Stevens                   Grayville, IL

Melissa Townsend               Brazil, IN

Micah Troutt                          Robinson, IL

Clay Vanschoyck                 Annapolis, IL

Lakynn Walker                     Flora, IL

Daniel Weger                        Lawrenceville, IL

Lexi Wilson                            Robinson, IL

Madison Workman               Oblong, IL

Brittany Young                      Hutsonville, IL

Heather Zink                         Palestine, IL




Blaise Beauchamp               Robinson, IL

Ike Book                                Robinson, IL

Cade Carlson                       Robinson, IL

Kyle Cortner                          Robinson, IL

Christopher Daugherty        Sumner, IL

Allison Dunlap                      Palestine, IL

Halle Ellis                              Robinson, IL

Justin Fickling                       Robinson, IL

Cody Fiscus                          Lawrenceville, IL

Morgan Gill                            Oblong, IL

Taylor Gray                           Hazel Dell, IL

Winter Harmsen                   Robinson, IL

Dawson Hawkins                 Noble, IL

Destiny Hill                            Robinson, IL

Levi Hodge                            Robinson, IL

Micah Janes                         Oblong, IL

Trista Koertge                       Robinson, IL

William Lehman                   Flora, IL

Trenton Matthews                Annapolis, IL

Mackenzi McIntosh              Oblong, IL

Mallory Mundy                      Robinson, IL

Samantha Parker                 Martinsville, IL

Tahjanay Perry                     Robinson, IL

Sarah Peternel                     Robinson, IL

Hannah Poehler                   Robinson, IL

Jazmin Ramirez                   Robinson, IL

Will Richter                            Robinson, IL

Mackenzie Rinehart             Robinson, IL

Wyatt Rinsch                        Flat Rock, IL

Jazmyn Rodriquez               Robinson, IL

Joshua Rosborough            Robinson, IL

Janet Shaffer                        Newton, IL

Jason Sherman                    Ingraham, IL

Bailey Siverly                        West Union, IL

Nicole Smith                          Robinson, IL

Myka Snyder                         Robinson, IL

Melissa Stanley                    Newton, IL

Taylor Tracy                          Oblong, IL

Ashley Wells                         Robinson, IL

Alex Wilzbach                       Robinson, IL




Jayley Akers                         Robinson, IL

Jonathon Alexander            Robinson, IL

Conner Allen                         Robinson, IL

Camryn Antes                       Robinson, IL

Ethan Baker                          Jewett, IL

Zane Belford                         Robinson, IL

William Black                        Robinson, IL

Morgan Boyer                       Casey, IL

Jordan Brown                       Noble, IL

Rebekah Burkhart                Robinson, IL

Madilyn Ellingsworth           Robinson, IL

Savannah Fitts                     Robinson, IL

Julia Gallion                          Robinson, IL

Giovana Garcia                    Robinson, IL

Megan Garner                      Olney, IL

Jose Gomez                         Robinson, IL

Sofia Guerra                         Robinson, IL

Lydia Henson                       Flora, IL

Amber Hixon                         Robinson, IL

Chase Johnson                    Robinson, IL

Keeley Johnson                   Oblong, IL

Destanee Liston                   Robinson, IL

Callie Meadows                    Oblong, IL

Kelsey Mitchell                     Robinson, IL

Dylenn Nash                         West Union, IL

Madison Newman                Robinson, IL

Blake Noll                              Clay City, IL

Maxwell Palmieri                  Robinson, IL

Jeremiah Patterson             Robinson, IL

Logan Richards                    Oblong, IL

Luke Richards                      Casey, IL

Abigail Scott                          Robinson, IL

Melissa Sechrest                 Bridgeport, IL

Wyatt Shoulders                   Robinson, IL

Vayda Smith                         Robinson, IL

Dayton Thurman                  Robinson, IL