Lincoln Trail College Phi Theta Kappa Chapter Earns Illinois Region Awards

Jul 31, 2020

Lincoln Trail College’s Alpha Iota Epsilon chapter of Phe Theta Kappa earned more awards. The chapter was named an Outstanding Chapter in the Illinois Region and earned an Outstanding College Project Award and an Outstanding Honors in Action Award.

“Last year was a banner year for our Phi Theta Kappa chapter,” says co-advisor Kim Schucker. “We were listed in the top 100 chapters in the nation, which was a first for us. The active members and our officers in our chapter chose projects of interest to them and worked very hard to complete them with high standards and it paid off. I am so proud of them all and thankful to have had such good students to work with.”

For its college project, LTC’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter worked on helping increase the College’s social media presence. The students developed contests that consisted of people liking LTC and LTC PTK social media channels and having people share content and tag other people. The students measure the increase in their social media presence based on the contests. As a part of the contests, PTK awarded prizes provided by LTC’s Recruitment Office and the Office of the President.  

The Honors in Action project researched the cancel culture. They researched the psychological aspect of why people cancel other people and why people are so quick to follow someone else’s lead without thinking through the facts. They also found examples of people and companies that were canceled. They first asked students if that should have happened and then gave the back story and then asked the students again to see if they changed their minds.

“The students should be very proud of all their hard work and the research they put into our college project and honors in action project,” says co-advisor Carrie Brown. “In addition to being named a top 100 chapter internationally, our chapter’s recognition regionally is a testament to the endeavors our PTK students did this past school year.”

Earlier this spring, the Alpha Iota Epsilon chapter at LTC was named one of the top 100 chapters at PTK’s annual convention. There are approximately 1300 Phi Theta Kappa Chapters around the world. In addition to that, Dr. Ryan Gower was recognized with a Paragon Award, which recognizes college presidents who show strong support for student success by recognizing academic achievement, leadership, and service among high-achieving students.