Health Classes


Inflammation and Arthritis

September 3 • 5:30 PM

Arthritis is a condition in which one or more of your joints become inflamed, often leading to stiffness, soreness and in some cases swelling. This disease affects the lives of more than 54 million adults in the US with more than 21 million having osteoarthritis. Certain lifestyle changes could help improve your joint health, as well as help to prevent, relieve and manage its symptoms. During this workshop, we will provide an overview of the three most common types of arthritis and provide insight into the most common type of arthritis, osteoarthritis.  Join us as we share how a healthy lifestyle can help improve your joint health, as well as help you to manage your osteoarthritis.


I On Diabetes

Oct. 22, Oct. 28, Nov. 5, Nov. 10 • 5-8 PM

If you are affected by diabetes, selecting and preparing foods that are low in sugar, fat and sodium can be a real challenge. To help meet this challenge the University of Illinois Extension will offer a program called I on Diabetes.

I on Diabetes is a series of four, 3-hour sessions, designed for anyone interested in preventing or managing diabetes.  In each session, participants receive recipes, watch cooking demonstrations, and taste foods to meet their dietary needs. The program provides information on treatment goals and self-monitoring, managing carbohydrates, sodium, cholesterol and fat portions, planning meals, reading food labels, and using artificial sweeteners, low-fat products, and herbs and spices.

The goal of I on Diabetes is to help you improve your diabetes care and overall wellbeing.  The program is meant to complement the recommendations of your health care provider and to help you and/or your loved one manage diabetes.


Community CPR

Oct. 3 • 8 AM-12 PM
March 20 • 8 AM-12 PM

Learn the proper techniques of CPR for adults, youth, and infants. Successful completers receive a CPR card through the American Heart Association. Payment is due on or before the day of the class. Appropriate for 15-years-old and older.

Nutrition Series

The free Nutrition Series is a partnership between Lincoln Trail College and the University of Illinois Extension.

Dec. 3 • 5:30 PM

Holiday weight gain does not have to be inevitable. Learn some simple tips and tricks to enjoy those special holiday foods without gaining weight!

Feb. 4 • 5:30 PM

There are so many “diets!” Which ones work? Are they safe? How can you tell?

March 4 • 5:30 PM

Did you know that there are approximately 10 trillion microbes in the gut?  That’s 3½ pounds of bacteria!  That’s not necessarily a bad thing as the gut plays a major role in everyday health.  This lesson will describe the gut microbiome and its role in health and disease. You’ll explore various digestive diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, and diverticulosis, while focusing on healthy lifestyle habits, such as minimizing stress and  including a diet full of prebiotics, probiotics and dietary fiber. You’ll also receive healthy recipes to keep your gut running.

April 22 • 5:30 PM

As you grocery shop, you might see people looking at the food label as they select a product, but does anyone really know what they are looking for? Maybe you are confused at what all the numbers mean or the fancy wording has you asking questions. We will show you how to use the food label to your utmost benefit in making healthy food selections.