Jamie Carman - Director of Advising and Retention

Jamie has been with LTC since 2018.  She has her Baccalaureate Degree in Psychology and doing Graduate work in Leadership Development in Organizational Leadership.  She leads our advising department and advises dual credit students, transfer students, health careers (not including nursing), and office management.  In addition to her advising responsibilities, Jamie also handles LTC retention efforts.  Students who are struggling or having issues in classes can reach out to Jamie for support and to be connected to resources.  Progress reports are also a large part of LTC retention efforts.  Progress reports are submitted by faculty members whenever they notice any kind of absenteeism, missing assignments, lack of understanding in coursework, behavior changes, or other concerning signs.  Jamie follows up on those reports by reaching out directly to the student.  For high school students, there are additional lines of communication between her office and the high school counselors.  


Erin Volk - Director of Instructional Services

Erin has been with LTC since 2012.  She has her Baccalaureate Degree in Health Studies with Teacher Certification.  She has worked across LTC in many capacities, including advising.  The Director of Instructional Services works under the Dean of Instruction’s office and spearheads LTC dual credit activities, including disseminating information to the high schools, arranging dual credit advising activities, scheduling dual credit courses, leading dual credit orientation, and making sure all state guidelines and requirements are met.  Erin may see students during the registration and advising processes.


Brent Todd - Dean of Instruction

Dean Todd has been with LTC since 2017. He has his Baccalaureate Degree in Botany, Graduate Degree in Biological Sciences, and is pursuing his Doctoral Degree in Public Administration.  Dean Todd provides oversite of all course offerings for LTC and is responsible for hiring dual credit faculty members.