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President's Message

Welcome to Lincoln Trail College!

Your decision to explore options related to continuing your education is commendable. Studies consistently show that the more education one receives, the better it is for your career, earning potential, and satisfaction with life.  During these challenging times, these facts are more cogent than ever before. Community Colleges are uniquely positioned to provide you with the high-quality options necessary to make the most of your potential.  Whether you are looking for an extremely high-quality education as a transfer student, attempting to obtain professional credentials through certification programs leading to a license, improving your current career through continuing education, or simply taking courses that are available to satisfy the desire of life-long learning, Lincoln Trail is the place to achieve your goal.

LTC has a stellar reputation statewide and nationally as top-tier community college.  An outstanding faculty and staff are ready and willing to provide you with a high-quality education and student services that are second to none.  It is truly a “community college” nestled among wonderful communities that support the college in numerous ways.  As a student at LTC, you will experience a committed and caring atmosphere.  An active and loyal Foundation has enhanced the educational experience here and this continued support of LTC by alumni and community members demonstrates how much the community appreciates the college.

It is an exciting time at LTC as campus enhancements are planned over the next several years.  As you explore your potential here at LTC, know that the faculty and staff are willing and eager to assist you in your effort to fulfill your career dreams.  Enhance your future, enrich your life, and exhaust your potential right here at Lincoln Trail College.

Roger L. Eddy
Interim President