Chat GPT

University of Illinois Springfield is offering "Let's Explore Chat GPT". All sessions offered via Zoom.  To access these sessions, click on "Let's Explore ChatGPT".

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that can produce detailed responses to questions.

In the first session Sarah Collins (CASA) and Emily Boles (COLRS) will demonstrate how ChatGPT is used and the types of output it can produce. January 19th is the first in a series of sessions relating to this tool (which was released on November 30, 2022) that may have major implications for education.


  • January 19 (1-2pm CST)
  • January 26 chat
  • February 2 How do we talk to our students about ChatGPT?
  • February 9 chat
  • February 16 How can ChatGPT be used in my class? 
  • February 23 chat
  • March 2 What problems may be created by ChatGPT and can we control or limit them?