Associate in Science

Have questions about our transfer program or our classes? You're not alone. Open the boxes below to find answers to the questions we receive most often from interested students like you.

The answer is, almost always, yes.  Our general education courses typically provide a seamless transfer to a four-year university or institution.  Most of our students transfer to a university in Illinois or surrounding state and have no problems with the transfer process.

If you are planning to transfer, we encourage you to contact the college and inquire about transfer credits.  They can provide a clear answer and any additional guidance that pertains specifically to that college or university.

Yes, and we have an easy application process.  You can apply online by scrolling up towards the top menu and clicking the "Apply" button.  There is no cost to apply.

Completing the transfer program and earning an Associate's Degree typically takes two years. Each degree within our transfer program (Associate in Arts, Associate in General Studies, Associate in Science, Associate in Science and Arts) is comprised of 64 credit hours.

If you have earned dual credit, or if you have taken or plan to take summer classes, you can earn a degree in less than two years.  Students who attend FCC with dual credit or summer classes under their belt can complete the degree in as little as one year.  You may also be able to take a lighter load of classes each semester.

We do not offer a transfer degree that can be completed entirely online.  However, we do offer several online courses that may be applied towards your Associate's Degree.  Hybrid courses are also available, which provide a blend of face-to-face instruction with online learning.

Many of our students will take an online class in addition to face-to-face classes, or they will enroll in an online course for the summer to work towards the degree of their choosing.

All students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for financial aid.  We also have a general scholarship application form that is available to incoming and current students.  Each spring we accept completed applications, and the scholarships are awarded by the Frontier Community College Foundation. Over 35 scholarships are available annually to students.

To learn more about scholarship opportunities and paying for college, please visit our Financial Aid page under the "Admissions & Aid" tab.


You must have a high school diploma or GED equivalency to enroll in any program at Frontier Community College.  You may apply online without providing a copy of your diploma, but you will need to submit required documents prior to registering for classes.

You do not have to be a full-time student to earn an Associate's Degree!  We offer our transfer classes in the day and evening to accommodate those who may work during the day or are currently enrolled in high school.  Be sure to make an appointment with an academic advisor to ensure you register for the necessary classes to apply towards your degree.

There's probably too many reasons to fit into this box!  But we'll try to be thorough.  Choosing a community college to begin your educational goals is a great choice both academically and financially.  We offer some of the lowest tuition rates in the State of Illinois, so you can earn a transfer degree with savings to apply towards a Bachelor's Degree.  You can also apply for financial aid or scholarships to help cover the cost of tuition and books.  At FCC, we provide a textbook rental service, which is a cheaper alternative to purchasing textbooks each semester.

Small class sizes provide a major advantage in your academic endeavors.  Our average class size is ten, allowing you better learning opportunities and interactions with instructors and fellow students.  Instructors at FCC get to know each student by name and provide a personalized learning experience, as they truly care about student success.

Choosing a community college also allows you to earn general education requirements in the early stages of your educational goals, allowing you to focus on your field of study once you transfer.  You can complete these courses at an affordable rate and then save room on your university's class schedule for major-specific classes.