Coal Mining Technology Degree

A cooperative program between Southeastern Illinois College and Wabash Valley College

The Coal Mining Technology Program is a two-year program providing the qualifications necessary for students to enter the workforce while earning an Associate in Applied Science degree. The curriculum emphasizes the development of practical field skills and includes general education courses in communications, mathematics, human relations, and science.

Students in Coal Mining Technology will have access to the latest training panels in hydraulics, electricity and programmable logic controllers, designed to parallel current systems in place at the mines. Students will also use up-to-date computerized equipment in CPR training.

For more information, please contact:

Kimberly Oliver, Program Assistant
(618) 252-5400, ext. 2360

Coal Mining Technology
3575 College Road
Harrisburg, IL 62946-4925


Coal Mining Technology

Core Curriculum for the Associate in Applied Science Degree

Course No. Course Description  Credit Hours
CMT 1200 Introduction to Coal Mining 3.0
CMT 1210 Accident Prevention 3.0
CMT 1220 Mine Roof Control 3.0
CMT 1230 First Aid 4.0
CMT 1240 Mining Law 4.0
CMT 1250 Mine Ventilation 4.0
CMT 2290 Mining Systems 3.0
CMT 2210 Mine Machine Repair 4.0
CMT 2230 Mine Hydraulics I 4.0
CMT 2240 Mine Hydraulics II 4.0
CMT 2250 Mine Electrical Maintenance I 4.0
CMT 2260 Mine Electrical Maintenance II 4.0
CORE Mathematics Elective 3.0
CORE Social Science Elective 3.0
CORE Communication Elective 3.0
CORE Science Elective 3.0
CORE Humanities Elective 3.0