Transfer Credit to IECC

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You may be closer to that degree than you first thought!  Learning experiences achieved prior to (or after leaving) IECC will be considered for academic credit based on established guidelines.  

Credit Accepted from Other Post-secondary Institutions

The acceptance of credit earned at post-secondary institutions outside Illinois Eastern Community Colleges is determined by an evaluative process administered by the Dean of Instruction or designee.  Official transcripts of students transferring credit to IECC toward a degree or certificate can be evaluated if the credit was earned at institutions accredited by an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. If the transcript indicates a cumulative grade point average of less than C, only credits will be considered for those courses which have a grade of C or better.  IECC's Policy on Transfer Credit (500.9) outlines the criteria used to make transfer decisions.

Earn your Associate Degree after you leave: Reverse Transfer of Credit

Students who transfer from IECC to another college prior to completing an associate degree have an opportunity to earn that degree through the reverse transfer process. 

Transferring credit back to IECC in order to fulfill requirements for a degree has its benefits:

  • Students are able to achieve a degree while also progressing toward their baccalaureate.
  • Students gain a marketable credential.
  • It improves internship and employment opportunities.
  • It can increase earning potential.
  • It signifies the student has completed general education requirements which secures a GECC Credential as well as the associate degree.

The process is easy and the costs minimal. Students simply submit all college transcripts for schools attended since leaving IECC. A review of the academic records will be performed to determine if an associate degree can be awarded. Acceptance of credit will follow the same guidelines as those described in IECC’s Transfer Credit Policy. The associate degree will be granted if IECC’s graduation requirements are met.

NOTE: Students transferring credit to IECC must earn at least sixteen (16) semester hours at IECC to meet graduation requirements for a degree; for a certificate, sixteen (16) hours of college-level credit or 50% of the hours required, whichever is less.  (See also Graduation Requirements.)