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The IECC Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is pleased to support adjunct faculty in their growth and professional development as teachers.  To do this, the CETL will deliver a series of short courses to introduce adjunct faculty to principles of sound pedagogical course design and best practices in leveraging technology for engagement and learning.  All adjunct faculty (both transfer and CTE) teaching courses in a degree or certificate program are required to participate in the below courses. Adjuncts will be compensated for their time and will receive step increases in their base pay rates as they progress in their professional development training.


  • ORIENTATION: IECC Adjunct Faculty Onboarding Course
    • Prior to the first day of teaching at IECC
  • TIER 1 - EDU 1600: Basic Pedagogical Practices
    • Within the first semester of teaching
  • TIER 2 - EDU 1605: Advanced Pedagogical Practices
    • Within the first year of teaching at IECC




    • Within 12 months of completing EDU 1605
  • TIER 3 - A LA CARTE: Variety of Professional Development Courses

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For IECC Adjuncts hired PRIOR to August 1, 2022:

TO REGISTER: Scan the QR code or click this LINK TO REGISTER

For IECC Adjuncts hired AFTER August 1, 2022:

REGISTER: [Adjunct Faculty will receive this information/these instructions during their initial hire interaction.]

  • Adjunct members will complete an application by visiting - 

ALL adjuncts should select Frontier Community College (FCC)

  • First, click on FCC and create an account

  • After submitting application, adjunct faculty members will receive instructions for setting up their Entrata Account via the IECC email system  
  • Adjunct Faculty will then login to Entrata and register for classes using the self-service system.