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ION Professional eLearning Programs provide professional development programs and support to advance the practice and innovation of online learning for faculty, staff and online leaders.

APRIL ONLINE TEACHING TIP - Use Technology to enhance your teaching

Teaching online using technology can positively influence communication with your students. Examples might include: texting programs to remind students of upcoming course deadlines, virtual office hours, synchronous sessions, collaborative group projects, online discussions and even creating videos.


newOpen Educational Resources for Online Instruction

The new 4-course Open Educational Resources for Online Instruction certificate (OER) helps instructors create, adapt and share open education resources to support students and programs. Courses include: Foundations of OER, OER to Support Student Instruction, Creating and Sharing OERS and elective: Instructional Design or Universal Design.   

Digital Technology for Online Leaders

The purpose of this course is to explore a variety of technology tools used to develop current and dependable infrastructures that manage and support online work of students, faculty, and administrators. The main emphasis of this course will be to introduce participants to issues concerning the use of technology and how to enrich the experiences of those using technology to deliver online programs. The economical, technological, and pedagogical pros and cons of technologies will be discussed.

Instructional Design

Participants will discover and discuss concepts, ideas, and strategies that lead to the effective design of an online course. How Instructional Design Benefits Your Learning Programs



Did you know that you can take ION courses for graduate credit? This helps some faculty members obtain what they need for professional development credits and possibly move up on the pay scale at their institution. Visit our website for more information on how to enroll in an ION course for Graduate Credit.

The Next Term starts Monday, June 6, 2022


Creating Accessible Videos (DAE)
Encouraging Communication (MOT)
Instructional Design (MOT)
Overview of Online Instruction (MOT)
Practicum (MOT)
Student Assessment (MOT)
Digital Technology (MOLA)
Technology Tools (MOT)
Faculty Support for Online Students (MOLA)
Creating and Adapting Open Education Resources (OER)