Grade Forgiveness Policy

The Grade Forgiveness Policy at IECC is applicable to students seeking re-entry into a certificate or degree program who have academic records that are at least three years old.  These students may petition the Academic Standards Committee to have all F (Failure) and WF (Withdrawal Failure) grades "forgiven" for the purpose of calculating their cumulative grade point average at IECC.  

Students should note:

  • You can petition for Grade Forgiveness only one time;
  • You must petition with the IECC college you've reentered; 
  • Forgiven grades will remain on your transcript;
  • Based on their policies, other colleges and universities may consider the original grade(s) in their CGPA calculations;
  • You may be eligible for Grade Forgiveness before the three-year period if there are documented extenuating circumstances;
  • Financial aid eligibility may be impacted; contact the financial aid office.

Complete the Grade Forgiveness Petition form to begin the process.