Why Assess

Assessment is just a name for the ongoing process for determining if our students are learning what we think they are learning. The process for student learning assessment at IECC has been developed by faculty members to improve student learning in the district, and to ensure the proper documentation is kept for student learning.The main goal of any process is to ensure student success in every area, program, course, and service. Responsibility for assessment is district-wide, which is emphasized through the Students First! Institutional Assessment in all areas.

In these challenging political and educational times, it is vital that those in the field of assessment strive to ensure that the work being done helps to focus on the issues that are important and crucial to our institution. We must assess what we value rather than merely submitting data required by outside forces. Accreditation and state/federal requirements will always be a part of the accountability aspect of what we do – but we must take control of the primary purpose of assessment which is to improve and enhance student learning and student experiences on our campuses. It is this clarion call for improvement that should be ringing from the towers in all of higher education.  Can we better share the data and information that we already have about student learning? What can we do to increase the dialogue about the value of student learning?