Students First!

Illinois Eastern Community Colleges strives to fulfill its educational mission as a comprehensive community college district by providing high-quality learning opportunities to the citizens of southeastern Illinois. Several student learning assessment activities and initiatives have been implemented that emphasize IECC’s commitment to maintaining a curriculum and co-curriculum that focuses on the future needs of an increasingly diverse global society.

IECC’s systematic, district-wide approach to the assessment of student learning is led by the Program Director of Institutional Assessment and Effectiveness and four Faculty Assessment Coordinators who lead the assessment process at their respective college. IECC’s method includes mapping student learning outcomes to each level of assessment with the goal of creating meaningful, measurable, and manageable process. The maps create a hierarchy of learning goals and outcomes that are assessed strategically across the curriculum.  Evaluation of assessment data and results is ongoing and a continuous process.

Student learning is the highest priority at IECC, and the district continues to build upon previous efforts in maintaining a culture of continuous improvement through assessment and evaluation.