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Talk To My Heart: A Tribute to Ray Price's Cherokee Cowboys

1:30, Sunday, October 26 

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Ray Price took over the Drifting Cowboys after the death of Hank Williams. Price reorganized the band as the Cherokee Cowboys. Before there were reality show contests and overnight sensations in country music, artists were expected to pay dues in music before they could hit the big time. They had to pass muster as performers, musicians, or songwriters before making it to the spotlight, and one of the proving grounds was holding down a spot in the band of an established musician. When it came to the band of the recently deceased Ray Price, called the Cherokee Cowboys, that arena had a pretty remarkable list of alumni that made their way up the country music ranks with the help of Ray. Much can be written about the influence and impact Ray Price had on country music. But there may be no better evidence than the list of performers who felt honored to play behind Ray during their rise. Some of the most notable Cherokee Cowboys that went on to bigger fame include Willy Nelson, Johnny Paycheck, Roger Miller and Johnny Bush. Dennis Stroughmatt will be joined by Nashville legends Mike Sweeney, Wade Bernard and Willie Cantu to perform and pay tribute to the amazing Cherokee Cowboys.


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