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All Hands On Deck!

7:30, Monday, November 18

All Hands On Deck

ALL SINGING! ALL DANCING! ALL BIG BAND! Based on Bob Hope’s 1942 USO tour to the troops in the field, ALL HANDS ON DECK! is a new, two-act revue performed by four charismatic singer-dancer comics plus a 7-piece orchestra. From 1941 to 1945, our nation was embroiled in a great world war. Hollywood’s brightest stars, directors and screenwriters responded to the call of duty by sending our men in uniform real living entertainment. The Setting: July 4th, 1942. Act One brings a war-bond drive to Mt. Carmel. Hosted by Ted Crosley (the Bob Hope-type) and featuring John Handley (Hollywood’s favorite new tenor), Daisy Maxwell (the “sweater girl”) and Betty Blake (the “blond bombshell”), all goes as planned until an urgent telegram informs the group that bad weather has forced a hasty departure in order to make it back to San Francisco for a live radio broadcast on Armed Forces Radio. But, instead of leaving as instructed, Crosley and his gang decide to stay and do the live radio broadcast in the Brubeck Arts Center! Act Two becomes a live radio show complete with a live studio audience! On air antics, classic commercials, timeless songs and hilarious, impromptu skits power the radio show until the performance comes full circle with a big patriotic finish that pays tribute to both active duty and veteran members of our armed forces. Songs include: Chattanooga Choo-Choo, I’m In The Mood For Love, Don’t Fence Me In, America The Beautiful, Deep In The Heart Of Texas, Thanks For The Memory and a fine Military Medley.

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