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LTC Performing Arts Contributors

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The LTC Performing Arts Department is excited about the new adventures planned for the 2013-2014 season, and you can play a big part. You are important to us. We need our Angels! Please consider “putting on your wings” by being a Performing Arts Angel. The Performing Arts Angle Program was created in 1994 as a way for our patrons to show their support in bringing quality productions to the LTC stage.

As an Angel, you will receive special seating to music and theater productions, and your name or company’s name will be mentioned in our programs. You may earmark your donation to be applied to “Music” or “Theater” or both. If you join at the “Donor” level or above, you will receive complimentary tickets to performing arts events.

Angels also serve as "The Academy" for the biennial Barbie Awards for the Theater Department!

We appreciate your continued support and hope that you decide to become an “LTC Performing Arts Angel.”

To place your membership as a LTC Performing Arts Angel, please fill out the form and mail it to the following address:

LTC Performing Arts
11220 State Highway I
Robinson, IL 62454

Please make checks payable to Lincoln Trail College.

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