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IECC Open Pathway Accreditation Steering Committee

Tara Buerster, Director of Human Resources
Chris Cantwell, Chief Academic Officer
LeAnn Hartleroad, Associate Dean, Grants & Institutional Development
Chris Heindselman, Research Assistant
Nixie Hnetkovsky, Director of Student Learning Assessment, Faculty-Frontier Community College
Rodney Ranes, President, Olney Central College

IECC Accreditation Reviewer Team

Criterion 1. Mission
Jay Carter, Faculty, WVC
Jervaise McDaniel, Associate Dean of Adult & Continuing Ed., FCC
Rodney Ranes, Team Leader, President, OCC
Phil Thorsen, Faculty, LTC
Chris Webber, Assistant Dean for Student Services, OCC

Criterion 2. Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct
Tara Buerster, Team Leader, Director of Human Resources
Bonnie Chaplin, Director of Financial Operations
Rob Mason, Faculty, OCC
Mary McGlasson Morris, Faculty, FCC

Criterion 3. Teaching and Learning:   Quality, Resources, and Support
Laura Bruck, Faculty, WVC
Chris Cantwell, Team Leader, Chief Academic Officer
Jeff Cutchin, Dean of College, OCC
Brandon Weger, Director, Upward Bound / LTC
Jan Wiles, Assistant Dean of Student Services, FCC

Criterion 4. Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement
Carrie Hallam, Information Technology Trainer/Support
Kathy Harris, President, LTC
Nixie Hnetkovsky, Team Leader, Director of Student Learning Assessment, Faculty, FCC
Chris Teague, Faculty, LTC
Dave Wilderman, Faculty, WVC

Criterion 5. Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Tammy Fralicker, Associate Dean, Nursing & Allied Health
Matt Fowler, President, WVC
Dana Hart, Coordinator, Employment and Benefits
LeAnn Hartleroad, Team Leader, Associate Dean, Grants and Institutional Development
Mary Johnston, Director of Business, FCC

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