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Career Services

Frontier Community College strives to help our students succeed in their educational and professional goals. In order to help achieve those goals, the Career Services Department is available to assist students and alumni with writing resumes, conducting mock interviews, giving suggestions on how to improve skills in all employment-related areas, and even establishing connections with employers. Let us help you with your post-college plans by helping you market all of your best traits and skills to your future employer. See the links at the left for numerous career resources, and job postings around the area.


Scenes from the Job Fair 4-1-15

Job Fair 6Job Fair 9Job Fair 8Job Fair Pork Burger SaleJob Fair 7Job Fair 5Job Fair 4Job Fair 3Job Fair 2Job Fair



For more information on all things career related or to schedule an appointment, contact:

Alyssa Parrott, Coordinator of Career Services

(618) 842-3711 ext. 4009

Alyssa's office

Alyssa's office is located in the Richard L. Mason Building, Room 107

Business Bobcat


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