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Students will be admitted under one of the following classifications:

  • Unconditional – the student demonstrates required course-specific admission competencies.

  • Conditional – the student is admitted with the condition that deficiencies will be eliminated.

  • Provisional – the student meets course-specific competencies through non-traditional methods, which would include GED certification, international admission, or adult and continuing education enrollment.
  • Special – the student enrolls prior to his or her high school graduation.

To gain admittance, all students must:

  • Secure an admission application packet from the Student Services Office.

  • File the admission application with the Admissions Office either in person, by mail or online at

Students seeking admission to a degree program or a certificate program of one year or more must also follow these steps:

  • Submit the results of any required pre-entrance physical examination.

  • Take a nationally standardized test such as ASSET, COMPASS, ACT, or SAT. The purpose of this testing is to assist the student in course selection and to improve the probability of student success in college-level work. Failure to submit test scores will not prevent admission to the first term of attendance but will limit course selection. Failure to submit test scores by the second term will prevent the student from registering in a degree program.

  • Submit an official transcript of the high school record or the high school equivalency (GED) and certificate test scores to the Admissions Office.

  • Submit official transcripts and appropriate course descriptions of all previous college work to the Admissions Office prior to registration.

After the college receives the admission application form, the applicant will receive a tentative letter of acceptance. It is to the student's advantage to make application at least 30 days prior to the beginning of any term in order to be scheduled for pre-registration. However, applications will be accepted through late registration of any term. Late registration is a 10-day period following the last day of regular registration. All correspondence should be directed to the Student Services Office.

All entering freshmen should attend the new-student orientation session scheduled by the college if they are enrolled in a degree or certificate program.

Non-degree students who may later elect to seek a degree or a certificate of one year or more must meet all regular admission requirements.

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